Motherless / 2015

Motherless homage page

The most comprehensive collaborative project Critical Mis has so far developed, Motherless was framed as a week-long experimental collaborative residency within the site and social context of Woodstock Cape Town. Woodstock, on the outskirts of Cape Town’s CBD, is an Apartheid era area designated for people of colour and is resultantly a “poor” neighbourhood, within the context of the city’s surrounding wealth. In recent years Woodstock has been rapidly and extensively been bought up and developed, bringing conflict between developers and citizens, wealth and poverty, and other issues that accompany gentrification.

Initiated by non-profit Alma Martha, Motherless was developed by Critical Mis (Miranda Moss & Chris van Eeden) who invited artist Geert Oliver to join the project. Video & performance artist Francois Knoetze was also invited to perform and collaborate. The project developed into a dense and rich installation with relevance and reference to the site. See images below, or go to the home page for a comprehensive view.