Mudge | King

February 2015


An exhibition of new works by Rose Mudge and James King, marking the initiation of Cornershop.

Occupying a single corner of Jnr’s Proposal, Mudge and King’s portals carry each other to create a visually cohesive installation that suggests a sense of isolation, displacement and yearning

 Mudge’s distillations of obsessive adolescent decorations provide an emotive air (or ground) while King’s ambitious yet playful projection (the floor may indeed be lava) into international art waters both frames and transports the installation.

 Intimations of teenage bedrooms are shifted from the specifically personal to the mutual and are abstracted through physical and imaginative separation.  Expressed in cheap, informal materials, their works are gestural, relatable and immediate.

Imagine a Schengen to cardboard glitter palaces and worldwide superstar pyjama party fame. Step across, and you’re there.

Cnr and Proposal Catalogue